Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Sick, Free Peace & The Travelling Hat.

Budweiser Sunglasses & The Travelling Hat

I decided to write this post again, as the original was very sloppy due to alcohol consumption and a dodgy kebab, erghhh. Iv always hated kebabs and now I hate them even more...its mainly the reason why im writing this at 5:20 in the morning. Most people sleep well after a night out, but not me it seems.

Tonight was the first and probably last freshers event to be out arranged by ACM. 2 venues and a shit load of bands playing, cheap drink and exclusive to ACM students. Originally I didn't plan to go, but after hearing everyone talking about how good it was going to be I was swayed, and on top of that the tickets were only £2...so why not?

The thing started at 7:30 which was a taaaaaad lame, drinking vodka red bulls back at the house at like 6:30 just seems pathetic for some reason...Rich was on the malibu and cranberry juice. I'm not guna lie...I AM A LIGHTWEIGHT, and I think Rich will join me on that as well? As 7 we were pretty hyper/tipsy...even much so that Richard was sick in the toilet a couple of times! haha was so funny! Was he put off going out though? HELL NO. I would like to make it clear that Richard blamed his sickness on "jumping around too much" rather than the alcohol itself, but I think differently ;)

So yeah, we made our way into town in the pissing rain and continued to take advantage of the cheap drinks (were talking £2 pints and mixers here!) The bands were great as expected...Me and Rich were very excited to see one band in particular "Free Peace". They feature on the ACM website and its become an obsession/joke between the two of us, singing the song randomly around the house. So you can imagine how excited we were when we saw the (fit) lead singer! Running up to her exclaiming my love for her music she laughed so much, she was either:

A) VERY VERY freaked out... OR
B) Very flattered and was genuinley shy about it.

I'm hoping it was the second of the two :) Loads of pictures were taking and we talked to quite a few ACM'ers...although its hard when bands are playing etc. Free Peace were great and she even dedicated their main song to Me ad Rich! "THIS GOES OUT TO STEVE & RICHARD" omgggg. hahaha. So yeah, we waked home and got a kebab. Typical.

This picture makes me laugh...ALOT.

I'm going to write a more personal entry soon, one about my general feelings on my life at the moment and the things in it that make me happy/sad/confused/chipmunk. Just incase you didn't know...The Travelling Hat has been to many destinations in the World, including Ibiza & Malia. The aim is simple...get as many pictures of the hat on different people as possible. This was the hat's first night out in Guildford and he enjoyed himself alot by looking at the pictures. He even made his way onto the Free Peace singers head at one point! Expect to hear about him in the future!

Free Peace @ Live Link

*UPDATE* omgggg omgggg I just remembered something from last night! While on the way to the Boileroom Me & Rich were completely lost so we went up to these random 2 girls and asked for directions...I immediately recognised one of them, my interviewer from French Connection! Haha. I used to work for them before I left for Uni so I had a transfer interview with the Guildford store...but didn't get it. I was like "OMG YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME A JOB" hahahaha she must of felt so awkward, ted @ her. I don't think she will be giving me a call anytime soon :) x

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