Thursday, 27 November 2008

Birthday Weekend....

It is upon me! I must say im very excited, not at all about being 19...but the events that are coming with it. Tomorrow night is the "big" house party in G town which i'm hoping will be a success. It all depends on how many of my friends actually bother to make the travel, i've said i'd go to loads of parties but when the day comes, sometimes you just cant be bothered! Iv got a monster playlist that im sure people will love...all 17 hours of it! haha. The neighbours are going to love us!

Were going to kit the house out with balloons, party poppers and post it notes, so everyone can write down how much they love me obviously. I going to bet that the house will end up EXTREMELY messy but to be honest, thats how I want it to be. Theres guna be weed and shit loads of drink so bring it on! I have no idea how many people are coming which is worrying haha, its either going to be not alot or wayyyyyy to many. But lets face it, 10 people in my house looks too many! haha.

I'm going for a family meal on the Sunday to a restaurant called "The Manor" which should be nice. Natasha is joining us also to celebrate me entering the final year of teenagerism :( boooo. I am interested to see what Dean has got me for my birthday, as i've been told I have a wopping 10 presents! maybe even more....shame he couldn't afford the wrapping paper and therefore had to use tin foil...haha. £15 well spent it seems my lad.

I'll obviously post on either Saturday or Monday depending on whether I have the time in between cleaning sick and empty bottles of intoxicating liquids. :) BRING IT ON. hell yeah'.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Uh Ohhhhh...

Someone's been a bit naughty. I haven't done this blog in ages! I'm going to blame it on the fact that it was nearing the end of term and i was "doing my homework every night and getting a good nights sleep" yeahhh okay mate. But yeah as I just said, my course has finished for Christmas! I have a solid two month break which I think is pretty awsome. Its nice to be home but im sure ill miss living with the guys when my parents start nagging on and on and on...

Im going to use this 2 months wisely, I have assesments I need to do and alot of practice needs to be done, seeing as we don't have a drum kit at the house. I also bought Logic (which im currently installing) so I guess ill get creative and make some music of my own as well. I got it for £120 using an ACM discount, rather than £320! How good IS THAT.

It would be wise for me to get a job I suuuuuuuuuuuupose but I really don't want to. I won't feel guilty at all if I keep myself busy with my music. I need to get most of my work done now before everyone else starts breaking up and gets distracting me! Bastards!

To summarise the last couple of weeks at ACM they were great, like I feel i've learnt alot and im looking forward to going back in the new year, I've decided im going to get way more involved though, where as this term it was all about finding my feet and just getting on with things.

Peace x

Monday, 10 November 2008


That has been the main focus of the past week. Negative. Iv not had a bad week, not in the slightest...just alot of things have gone wrong which added a whole amount of stress to what was a good week. I think God hated me this week.

I can't remember the beginning of the week really, so it must of been okay. Friday came around pretty quick and for LPW we had a brilliant Foo Fighters song to play, the first proper oppertunity for the drummers to really shine, fast paced rock. "Okayyy band 8 onto the stage now please...quickly" So I skuttle onto the stage, OH WAIT wheres out singer? What a suprise. Christ. Oh but hang on, it will be okay cos' theres loads of of them will jump in. OR NOT. Instead some dick head cock grunger prick volunteers himself to sing, fair enough...he's not even a singer but even worse, HE DIDNT KNOW THE WORDS. Why volunteer if you don't know the words, instead he made us all look like pricks. What a waste...That really annoyed me.

Had a smooth travel home back to Upminster and then spent a lovely night round Natasha's. Her parents cooked a gorgeous meal, mussels...steak...the works which was really nice. So at least I had a good Friday night, which took the pain away from earlier that day. Then came Saturday...the day from Hell. I expected there to be train works at West Ham cos' there always is on a Saturday, so I got on the replacement bus service, bit annoyed but I wasn't going to let it ruin my day. Got to North Greenwhich where I normally get the Jubilee line to Waterloo but oh wait, ANOTHER bus service. Confusion was everywhere like no-one knew where they were going. To cut it straight it took me around 3 hours to get to Waterloo, where it normally takes an hour. Very stressful considering it was raining as well and I had all these bags with me.

So i'm going up the escalator from Waterloo underground and I hear over the voice speaker thing..."Good afternoon everyone, the Jubilee line is now fully running with good service" OH MY GOOD FUCK. Literally, as soon as I got to Waterloo they decide to open it! Christ. Thought it couldn't get any worse until I went to get my ticket and found that the ticket booth was closed so I had to wait for 20 minutes in a cue for one of those card payment machines. HATE HATE HATE. Then missed my train to Canterbury by a minute :) LOVE my life.

*Skip 2 hours* Im at Canterbury with Dean. Gave him his present which I think he liked. We wen't to the club there dressed as school boys as it was school themed night, I looked hot in my tiny shorts haha. Was going to be a good night....that was until Dean got horribley drunk and then was sick in the toilet. I spent the rest of the night looking after Dean in some cack toilet cubile while he thew up everywhere (he doesn't remember any of this...great) and in the end I just had to take him home...this was at 11pm :) What a good night out...

Notice the severe lack of photos from this night...

Got a train home in the moring and met up with Natasha up London, we had a lovely ice cream in a little bar thing where the woman was really rude...obviously she hates her life as she sells ice cream for a living to sexy people like us. I was exhausted by time we got back to Upminster, all I wanted to do was sleep but I went round to Gran's and said hello, was nice to see them. That night I just went round Natasha's and we chilled out watching a movie and eating Minstrels mmmm oh and melon :) Was such a lovely night, just relaxing with her.

Monday morrrrrning, travelled back to Guildford with Matt & Rich as they both came home as well for the weekend, obviously the house is cack without moi. I went to ACM and then had a lovely nap...well it WAS lovely...until the worst thing happened. NIGHTMARE. I haven't had a nightmare in a long time, although I must say since iv moved away Iv had dreams almost every night, which I find weird! So picture this if you can...

Me, Rich & Matt all in one big room, at our uni house. I notice a plate of like left over pizza on the floor and dont really think anything of it...until I see a couple of ants munching away on it. For some reason Richard has an ant farm but I didnt think anything of it until I returned to the room 5 minutes later to find the floor infested with ants. *shivers*. Then Rich lifted up this rug thing in the room and OMG. Spiders...Scorpions and FISH came sliming out from beneath it, with all these ants like skatting all over them and like devouring everything. It was so gross and real, like all running around my feet. I woke up in hot sweat and ran into Richard's room where I told him all about it...what a fucking baby! hahaha.

The last thing I want to talk about is my increasingly degrading rememberance on how to spell simple words. When i say simple I mean REALLY SIMPLE. So far i've forgotten how to spell:

CRISPS - I spelt it Chrisps hahaha
GREET - which I spelt as Great :(

And iv got a fucking A level in English Lang/Lit. Christ.