Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Sick, Free Peace & The Travelling Hat.

Budweiser Sunglasses & The Travelling Hat

I decided to write this post again, as the original was very sloppy due to alcohol consumption and a dodgy kebab, erghhh. Iv always hated kebabs and now I hate them even more...its mainly the reason why im writing this at 5:20 in the morning. Most people sleep well after a night out, but not me it seems.

Tonight was the first and probably last freshers event to be out arranged by ACM. 2 venues and a shit load of bands playing, cheap drink and exclusive to ACM students. Originally I didn't plan to go, but after hearing everyone talking about how good it was going to be I was swayed, and on top of that the tickets were only £2...so why not?

The thing started at 7:30 which was a taaaaaad lame, drinking vodka red bulls back at the house at like 6:30 just seems pathetic for some reason...Rich was on the malibu and cranberry juice. I'm not guna lie...I AM A LIGHTWEIGHT, and I think Rich will join me on that as well? As 7 we were pretty hyper/tipsy...even much so that Richard was sick in the toilet a couple of times! haha was so funny! Was he put off going out though? HELL NO. I would like to make it clear that Richard blamed his sickness on "jumping around too much" rather than the alcohol itself, but I think differently ;)

So yeah, we made our way into town in the pissing rain and continued to take advantage of the cheap drinks (were talking £2 pints and mixers here!) The bands were great as expected...Me and Rich were very excited to see one band in particular "Free Peace". They feature on the ACM website and its become an obsession/joke between the two of us, singing the song randomly around the house. So you can imagine how excited we were when we saw the (fit) lead singer! Running up to her exclaiming my love for her music she laughed so much, she was either:

A) VERY VERY freaked out... OR
B) Very flattered and was genuinley shy about it.

I'm hoping it was the second of the two :) Loads of pictures were taking and we talked to quite a few ACM'ers...although its hard when bands are playing etc. Free Peace were great and she even dedicated their main song to Me ad Rich! "THIS GOES OUT TO STEVE & RICHARD" omgggg. hahaha. So yeah, we waked home and got a kebab. Typical.

This picture makes me laugh...ALOT.

I'm going to write a more personal entry soon, one about my general feelings on my life at the moment and the things in it that make me happy/sad/confused/chipmunk. Just incase you didn't know...The Travelling Hat has been to many destinations in the World, including Ibiza & Malia. The aim is simple...get as many pictures of the hat on different people as possible. This was the hat's first night out in Guildford and he enjoyed himself alot by looking at the pictures. He even made his way onto the Free Peace singers head at one point! Expect to hear about him in the future!

Free Peace @ Live Link

*UPDATE* omgggg omgggg I just remembered something from last night! While on the way to the Boileroom Me & Rich were completely lost so we went up to these random 2 girls and asked for directions...I immediately recognised one of them, my interviewer from French Connection! Haha. I used to work for them before I left for Uni so I had a transfer interview with the Guildford store...but didn't get it. I was like "OMG YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME A JOB" hahahaha she must of felt so awkward, ted @ her. I don't think she will be giving me a call anytime soon :) x

Sunday, 28 September 2008

London Explored & Pointless Drinking

Gooooood day everyone :) Friday's Live Performance Workshop went really well this week, the bald man couldn't make any nasty comments which felt good. Had to play Walk This Way which was awsome, we also got put in our bands so we have to play with them each week from now on, everyone seemed really cool which is good...and I got one of the best singers :) Next Fridays song is a Phil Collins number so that should be good.

Friday night I went out with Natasha and all her dance friends. After a long journey into central london, jumping on many trains we finally met up..pretty lucky actually seeing as were both underground. We travelled over to Arsenal, went to her mates house and was greeted with cigarettes, wine and a fresh cooked dinner...result :)

After chilling out for a couple of hours we hopped on the train to Leicester Square. I was quite nervous/shy when I met her 15 odd friends...all of whome were dancers but they were so cool and friendly so I quickly let loose :) We all shot over to Cafe de Paris, a club in central and as it was one of the girls birthdays we all got in for free (instead of a £15 entry) which was awsome...and on top of that we also got VIP which I think made the night really seeing as we got nice comfy sofas and free drinks...there wasn't anywhere else to sit in the club so was awsome. Was such a nice club, expensive but nice. And as for the dancing...my moves were clearly better than ANY of those "professionals" :P

We practically stayed till close and then went to a Casino...why I don't know as we didn't actually bet any money...we met up with Natasha's mate again and got a cab back to her house in Arsenal. After a nice lay in me and Natasha said our goodbyes then went over to Hampstead to see where she used to live and get some lunch...we met her old room mate, she was really nice. We had a lovely walk through Hampstead which is a really nice area I might add, we went into an Italian cafe and had some ravioli :)

After a long mission getting home we took our seperate ways, as Natasha was off to visit dean in Canterbury and I was going back to jolly old Guildford...bit annoying that I bought a return ticket by accident...Natasha suggested punting it off when I got to Guildford but as if I could be bothered to do that...made it worse that I got on a slow train by accident so instead of no stops till Guildford I had a grueling hour train journey with several stops, gave me a chance to have a nap though.

That night we put on Lord of the Rings 2 - we decided that this weekend we should watch all three but due to getting stupidly drunk for no reason we only made it 1/4 way through before beer was spilled everywhere and we decided to give up. All in all a very good weekend but now im felling drained and tired and the house is a shit hole. Greeeaaaat. Lazy day today me thinks.

Peace x
me and natasha @ cafe de paris

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Zane Lowe @ The Rubix

Had a fantastic night last night! Zane Lowe was DJing at the Surrey Uni Campus so we had to go. He played very gooooood music, mixed with the cheap student prices...can't complain! Met some people from back home and made some new friends as well...although I can't really call them friends mainly because I can't remember any of their names? gutted for them. We got free shades, which we wore all night mainly cos were cool. I wish Dean was there :(

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Salmon, Pink Floyd & Bald Headed Pricks

I know I haven't done this for a couple of days, but to be honest there wasn't much to tell...So i left it till today and thought I would just summarise. ACM isn't really what I expected, I find myself bored in the lectures because I already know everything they have to say, and yet they promise that the lessons will "pick up" in a couple of weeks...

On Friday the whole of ACM has to get together and perform in small groups...we get a song that we have to learn and then they put us into a "band" where we then perform the song in front of everyone. I was so nervous it was unreal. Iv played in many concerts in front of large crowds but think of it this way...everyone in that room is a musician. If you fuck up, they know. And thats exactly what I did. i fucked up big, bringing the entire band to a halt. So this tutor strolls onto stage, bald bassist prick and says down the microphone "well that was shit wasn't it?" and that was it for me. I can't take criticism like that.

Since joining ACM they've had a big thing about making POSITIVE criticism's so that you don't "upset" anyone, being a musician its very easy to be hurt when you think your being creative and someone calls you shit. Iv been drumming for over 10 years and some guy thinks he can call me shit in front of an entire group of musicians. I mean im over it now but it was very hurtful at the time. I just hope next Friday goes better...

Mother and Pappa came to visit yesterday, mainly to check up on me I think. I shot out of bed at 9am to clean the entire house before they got here. what a rush. They brought Max as well which was great (my dog)...miss that fella. After they fucked off home a couple of hours later I got ready to meet Natasha. She was coming to visit after work. I must say...my cooking skills are shite, but I really excelled myself when I cooked salmon with holondaise sauce and rice for me and her...was tres buff. We watched "I Am Sam"..you know the film about the retard. We sipped Cavar and beer as we laughed and joked. After the film we shot over to the local park to chill and smoke a cigarette...we stayed there for all of....5 minutes? What a waste of time. We originally planned to go out on the town for dinner but that didn't happen. I don't wana go into to much detail on the night but I had a very good time and it was great to see her. Next Friday im going up London to a club with all her friends so that should be good.

Waking up at 1:30 is shiteeeee. After I had to wake up at 9am to take Natasha back to the station I came back and flopped back into bed. Feels like such a waste of a day. Now im just sitting here watching TV, as the washing piles up and the house gets shittier and shittier. So yeah, hopefully next week at ACM will be better.

Peace out x

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Central Perk, Drumming & Disco

FIRST DAY went well. It wasn't really what I expected, in the sense that it was actually really easy!? Theres about 20 of us in our drum class...and the basic jist is as follows. The tutor picks a track....we learn the track and then we get together in our set bands and perform it every friday in front of the college....and what amazes me, the tutor said that THIS (Jimi Hendrix number) was the hardest song on the course! wtf. oh great. So in a way im ALREADY bored with the course....but I spose its early days so ill give it a chance =] We also rushed in at 9am (my lessons didn't start until 1:30) to book our private drum lessons as they go sooooo quick. Turns out instead of sitting around in Spoon's (now known as Central Perk due to its resemblance to Friends) for 5 hours, we could of just phoned up! typical.

DEAN IS HEREEEEEE. After waiting around for him to find the station exit for around 20 minutes we took the leisurely walk home and we all got stuck in to making dinner. On the menu - CHICKEN FAJITAS, and they were buff. Although the chicken was really rubbery so I guess we will be dead within the week. A couple of drinks later and we were ready to go out....so off we went into Guildfordshire.

MY GOD how long did the queue for Spoon's wanna be? fuuuuuck queuing that. Some random guy started tagging with us, he clearly had no friends. We told us to shoot over to HARPERS. free entry before 10, or £6 with a student ID ;) (poor Dean had to pay £10) WHAT A GOOD CLUB. Seriously it was so packed...turns out Guildford's big night out is a Monday. It was shockingly expensive (£16 for 2 WKD's and 2 Sambooka shots!!!) but it made up for itself with the beautiful people and amazing music. Although it was slightly annoying that MEN couldn't lay on the comfy sofa beds or dance on the podiums....WHY WHY WHY =[ Rich nearly suffered a broken spine at the hand of one of the bouncers...while the other one said to us "As soon as you get bigger tits than me...THEN you can lay on the sofa bed" ....well that isn't guna happen is it you fat cock.

So yeah, a WICKED night out...made up from Friday. Now im feeling tired and depressed as Dean is leaving to go home soon. Im so happy he came to visit. Actually love him. Let's hope my 2nd day at ACM will be a little more challenging....

Peace x

Saturday, 13 September 2008

first night out in guildford. how shit.

What an awful night...well not that awful...i mean, it was fun...but still crap. you get me? induction went smoothly...met some cool people. although when i got home...turns out i'd missed my first lesson...didn't see it on the timetable! good start. Spag Bol was on the menu tonight, a beautiful trio performance in the kitchen I must say. MASTER CHEESE. private joke k?

We decided not to wash up, seeing as its Saturday tomorrow and we have all day :) I tell ya, my muscles are aching. Me and Rich...what a workout. LOL. Its pretty cool having our own workout station in the house, means whenever were bored we can do a few reps. you know? BEEF UP. lets face it, i need it. =[

So yeah, boring day tomorrow. I just want to start ACM now :( OH MY GOD...my student ID card is SOOO BAD. blonde hair. oh yeah. and we have this massive book to take us through the year, picture below. Also, we got a nice ACM drumstick back :) how cool are WE guna look? :) and im also pissed off that my student portal shit aint working! arghhh. better be 2mro. My timetable seems pretty decent, I don't have any free days but I like it. Theres loads of extra lessons I can go to...on friday...if I go to all my lessons and then extra lessons im there from 9am till 6pm! with only 1/2 hour break! jeeeeeez guna be tough...but I guess its worth it :)

Peace out x

Friday, 12 September 2008

arghhhh first day. well sort of.

Induction really....and to be honest i'm actually really nervous! I don't know what to expect or what sort of people i'm going to be mingling with. Gotta make our way into town for our 12:30 induction then its straight over to FCUK to give them my timetable and see if they will give me a job. I don't want a job but it has to be done really, funding the beer and expensive luxuries. Living away from home makes you realise all the stuff that you don't really need. Cakes, biscuits and other shit, its all like...."can I live without it?" most of the time with the answer being yes...I spose that's because I have to pay for it all!

I'll give you a nice update tonight with how my first day went. Im hoping I won't have to play at all in front of the other musicians, I need to asses who is good and who ain't before I start jamming around them. lol. Think were all going out tonight as well, well it has to be done doesn't it! :)

Peace x

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Alllllllllright - First Night

So yeah, got to the house around 12ish today. Mum unpacked everything for which was nice. Considering now how im lounging around on the sofa while matt and rich unpack all there stuff...shame! Mum also stocked up my fridge with LOADS of food, 1/2 of which I probably won't it. Im trying to get into a new sort of diet where I try not to eat alot, save myself some money for the pub or whatever. We knocked next door, turns out theres 3 other guys who also go to the same University, 3rd years. They seemed really nice and we got invited to their house party in...NOVEMBER...but I guess its a start. I can tell there are going to be arguements in this house, certain things are starting to annoy me already, after not even a full day.

No washing has been done yet, im really not looking forward to doing it. erghhh. My room seems pretty cool tho! check the pic below. seems very roomey, we also have the "gym" set up in Rich's room so I guess we will be pumping iron 2mro at some point. Rich had his celebratory cigar, which I managed to get a few lugs off...seeing as I had pathetically thin "Vogue" fags, a present from Tash. lol. But I guess "at £6 a pack" i should be grateful! so thanks Tash. Not sure about the game plan 2mro...I guess a head into Town would be good, try and get our faces around! Okay.....back to Guitar Hero! x peace x

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Here we go...

So i move out in roughly 9 hours now and its funny how I still haven't packed in the slightest. Time has been consumed with seeing my chums and going through those awkward goodbyes. I know I will see most of them within the next couple of weeks, whether they come to visit me at the house, or if I travel to see them, but its still upsetting. Its only really kicked in today and to be honest, it sucks major. Really makes you appreciate the people that you have around you you know?

I'll hopefully post a blog on how the move in went. It sucks that i'm now going to have to get up at like 8? just to get all my stuff together, its almost certain that i'll forget something horrifically important. I think the plan is to hit the local Whetherspoon's on the first night so it may be a late one. Father gave me £50 to "get me started" so lets see how far I can make it last! Chow. x

Saturday, 6 September 2008

The Experience Begins - 10th September.

So here's the jist. On the 10th of September I will be moving from my home in Upminster to my new house in Guildford Surrey. It will be here that I will begin my three year course at The Academy of Contemporary Music studying for a BA Hons. in music performance. At this point in time im about 50/50 on the situation, while im excited about the situation obviously i'm going to miss alot of people and things back at home.

Music has been my life for around 10 years now, so the fact that I get to study it at University, and I get to study with people that share my passion is a great oppertunity. Its nice to know that my days will consist of playing Drums instead of learning English or Law for example. I hope to keep this blog updated on a daily basis, mainly as a memory for when im older, but to also keep my friends back at home updated on my experiences.