Sunday, 21 September 2008

Salmon, Pink Floyd & Bald Headed Pricks

I know I haven't done this for a couple of days, but to be honest there wasn't much to tell...So i left it till today and thought I would just summarise. ACM isn't really what I expected, I find myself bored in the lectures because I already know everything they have to say, and yet they promise that the lessons will "pick up" in a couple of weeks...

On Friday the whole of ACM has to get together and perform in small groups...we get a song that we have to learn and then they put us into a "band" where we then perform the song in front of everyone. I was so nervous it was unreal. Iv played in many concerts in front of large crowds but think of it this way...everyone in that room is a musician. If you fuck up, they know. And thats exactly what I did. i fucked up big, bringing the entire band to a halt. So this tutor strolls onto stage, bald bassist prick and says down the microphone "well that was shit wasn't it?" and that was it for me. I can't take criticism like that.

Since joining ACM they've had a big thing about making POSITIVE criticism's so that you don't "upset" anyone, being a musician its very easy to be hurt when you think your being creative and someone calls you shit. Iv been drumming for over 10 years and some guy thinks he can call me shit in front of an entire group of musicians. I mean im over it now but it was very hurtful at the time. I just hope next Friday goes better...

Mother and Pappa came to visit yesterday, mainly to check up on me I think. I shot out of bed at 9am to clean the entire house before they got here. what a rush. They brought Max as well which was great (my dog)...miss that fella. After they fucked off home a couple of hours later I got ready to meet Natasha. She was coming to visit after work. I must cooking skills are shite, but I really excelled myself when I cooked salmon with holondaise sauce and rice for me and her...was tres buff. We watched "I Am Sam" know the film about the retard. We sipped Cavar and beer as we laughed and joked. After the film we shot over to the local park to chill and smoke a cigarette...we stayed there for all of....5 minutes? What a waste of time. We originally planned to go out on the town for dinner but that didn't happen. I don't wana go into to much detail on the night but I had a very good time and it was great to see her. Next Friday im going up London to a club with all her friends so that should be good.

Waking up at 1:30 is shiteeeee. After I had to wake up at 9am to take Natasha back to the station I came back and flopped back into bed. Feels like such a waste of a day. Now im just sitting here watching TV, as the washing piles up and the house gets shittier and shittier. So yeah, hopefully next week at ACM will be better.

Peace out x

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