Sunday, 28 September 2008

London Explored & Pointless Drinking

Gooooood day everyone :) Friday's Live Performance Workshop went really well this week, the bald man couldn't make any nasty comments which felt good. Had to play Walk This Way which was awsome, we also got put in our bands so we have to play with them each week from now on, everyone seemed really cool which is good...and I got one of the best singers :) Next Fridays song is a Phil Collins number so that should be good.

Friday night I went out with Natasha and all her dance friends. After a long journey into central london, jumping on many trains we finally met up..pretty lucky actually seeing as were both underground. We travelled over to Arsenal, went to her mates house and was greeted with cigarettes, wine and a fresh cooked dinner...result :)

After chilling out for a couple of hours we hopped on the train to Leicester Square. I was quite nervous/shy when I met her 15 odd friends...all of whome were dancers but they were so cool and friendly so I quickly let loose :) We all shot over to Cafe de Paris, a club in central and as it was one of the girls birthdays we all got in for free (instead of a £15 entry) which was awsome...and on top of that we also got VIP which I think made the night really seeing as we got nice comfy sofas and free drinks...there wasn't anywhere else to sit in the club so was awsome. Was such a nice club, expensive but nice. And as for the moves were clearly better than ANY of those "professionals" :P

We practically stayed till close and then went to a Casino...why I don't know as we didn't actually bet any money...we met up with Natasha's mate again and got a cab back to her house in Arsenal. After a nice lay in me and Natasha said our goodbyes then went over to Hampstead to see where she used to live and get some lunch...we met her old room mate, she was really nice. We had a lovely walk through Hampstead which is a really nice area I might add, we went into an Italian cafe and had some ravioli :)

After a long mission getting home we took our seperate ways, as Natasha was off to visit dean in Canterbury and I was going back to jolly old Guildford...bit annoying that I bought a return ticket by accident...Natasha suggested punting it off when I got to Guildford but as if I could be bothered to do that...made it worse that I got on a slow train by accident so instead of no stops till Guildford I had a grueling hour train journey with several stops, gave me a chance to have a nap though.

That night we put on Lord of the Rings 2 - we decided that this weekend we should watch all three but due to getting stupidly drunk for no reason we only made it 1/4 way through before beer was spilled everywhere and we decided to give up. All in all a very good weekend but now im felling drained and tired and the house is a shit hole. Greeeaaaat. Lazy day today me thinks.

Peace x
me and natasha @ cafe de paris

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