Thursday, 1 January 2009


to 2008, welcome 2009 :) summing up the year iv had a great time, i cant really think of anything majorly bad with the year, apart from turning 19 :( boooo. i feel that iv grown alot as a person and i think thats good...moving away from home along with other things has made me alot more independant, im healthy and happy. Im going to try hard at college, eat well and look after my body. I want to try new things and have as much fun as possible doing them.

Christmas was enjoyable and I spent the night/boxing day at Natashas with her family which was nice. It beats sitting on the sofa watching the parents and old foggies fall asleep! On Monday me, Natasha, her mum and auntie all went to Westfield...the new shopping mall over in Shepherds is MASSIVE. my lord. its like a workout walking around. I was the tag along to a "girls day out" haha. I was eager to go because I needed some new clothes and wanted to check out the sales...but I was very dissapointed when we went to Hollister to find out they were only having a sale online! I ended up buying pants and a bracelet. lol. It was just too busy and big so we went to Selfridges instead for a look around, then when we got in we ordered our stuff from the website, bargain! That night we went to Natashas aunties house which was fun, I thrashed her cousin at pool, naturally.

My boots arrived on tuesday! excitement. haha. there so hot. Dean asked me if i wanted to go to lakeside with him cos he wanted to get something for New Years, i had nothing better to do so i went along...and i thought it would be a perfect oppertunity to wear my boots in. what a mistake that was. clearly lakeside is full of stereotypical twats that cant seem to accept anything but the norm. I got laughed at practically to my face and although i seriously do not care what any of those scum was still annoying that I couldn't feel comfortable in my own clothes. Essex is shit pretty much. Dean didn't find anything so I took him to TKMax as my mum had recommended it (iv never been there before for the record)..again he didnt find anything but i bought some CK pants and a hoodie for so cheap! it was amazing. Finished off the night at Dean's house watching "Jack" know the Robin Williams film where hes 40 but has the brain of a 10 year old? Classic.

New Years Evee.....Natasha had to work which was pretty lame, so I woke up late and chilled during the day, conserving my energy for the night events. I went round hers for dinner which was yummersss, apart from the pasta/nut combo which i found strange, but i picked them out and enjoyed it thoroughly. We then shot off round Aaron's house for his house party. Was soooo good to see everyone really was..apart from the random 11-looking-year old girls that were just being plain noisey and annoying :@ losers. We had weed but didn't fancy sharing as we only had 2 joints, so we snuck up the back of the garden and smoked thing we knew people were running around shouting "whos got weed!?!?!" oops haha. gutted for them. All of my good chums were there and i cant get across how nice it was to see everyone.

We had to be back at Natashas for the countdown so we said our goodbyes and made our way home. The rest of the night consisted of fireworks, champagne and watching the fireworks on the TV...which were immense! Glad i wasn't there though, freeeEEeeeEeezing. But i still believe our fireworks were better haha...crappy fountains :/ I'd brought round some Soco and Dissrano to drink but cos i had to drive to Aarons and stuff i hadn't drunk much of it...Although Liam seemed to help himself...he ended up throwing up on the sofa and falling asleep in his own sick. He was being so weird it was hilarious. Chunks. Bless those teenagers and there drinking limits. Turned out to be a really great night, was lovely :) Today im chilling and trying to plan what im going to do with myself this year.

I go back to Guildford on Sunday for the beginning of my new term, im excited but im also going to miss stuff back here...ill be coming home some weekends though so im never too far from home :) Happy New Year everyone xx