Thursday, 25 December 2008


wooooooo. merry christmas to you all. okayyy last few days round up. Tuesday night Julia invited me out to a party up in Bond street, it was aimed for all the kids that go to college up in london but I had nothing else to do so I went along. After making me wait 20 minutes on the street she finally showed up with her friends, all of whome were very nice and polite haha. We went off to the club/bar thing and just generally had a good time with a few drinks and a chinwag (id already drunk a whole bottle of wine back at home, oops). Some how underage losers had gotten in, although I can't complain because julia forgot her ID!!! idiot, so we had to beg the bouncer, cheekY! lol. So yeah the underage people drew attention to themselves and before we knew it police were outside demanding to come in! booooooo.

We thought it would be a good time to leave as 1. the DJ's were shiteee and 2. Julia didnt have ID. lol. So we left there and then got the train back to Julias house, you can see that it was obviously a late night out as the tube was still running :/ haha. Julia sureeee knows how the party. What better way to end a night than to smoke some draw? :) We picked up, made some food and smoked away...always gives me the giggles :) haha. Then we fell asleep to the Notebook...good times! Was really good to see her.

Yesterday (xmas eve) was also a good day. After leaving Julias in the morning i met Natasha up in Stepney Green and we went to a vintage store i'd heard about...I treated myself to a few bargains and then we went for lunchiees. I stank of weed so I thought it would be best to go home and have a shower. That night my parents threw a "party" (more of a gathering) at our house so Natasha came over for that which was nice. There were all these grownups eating and drinking...losers. I drunk quite alot which I enjoyed and then Natashas mum picked us up to go to midnight mass! It would of been quite enjoyable...if we'd actually got a seat! Intead we had to stand outside listening in. There were some dodgy characters there though i tell you...

and now, its Christmas Day. haha. I woke up at like 11 which is typical of me, i no longer rush downstairs at 4am, bit upsetting really. My dad had gone out to play golf which i felt was quite insulting, so we had to wait until he got back before we could even think of opening the presents,, booooo. To overcome my boredom i went down to our cattery where mum is looking after 5 kittens! I had a play and took some photos, so ill attach one...the little rascals! gran and grandad came over for xmas dinner which was very nice, although I didn't eat alot, i think the weed mucked up my system a bit, lol. I got lots of lovely presents, Natashas presents to me were amazing, mainly because I picked them :P and now the typical xmas bore has sprung itself onto the household, with everyone too tired to move. Im going round to Natashas later to see everyone...her Auntie and cousins have come all the way from NY so im looking forward to having a good ol drink with the famo. Its been a good christmas so far :) ...

my attempts to pick up all 5 proved useless...

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Run-Up to Xmas :)

what an exciting time of year! haha. Normally i hate christmas but this year it feels good for some going to put it down to the fact that i have the amazing other 1/2 to share it im not just spending christmas at home bored with the old folks.

this week has seen TWO reunions. on thursday i had the fcuk reunion which was so good! it was great to have the whole team (almost) all back together, I really do miss the days of larking around with the guys...before it went all downhill and shit and when everyone started leaving. haha. some of us met up for Nando's and then we all met up and moved onto "the boat"..a nice bar situated on the broad walk of lakeside. One thing annoyed me about this place however...the bouncer told me to take my dappy hat off! what a prick. Its lakeside...not the Ritz mate. jesus. I drove which was annoying cos everyone was having a really good time drinking. Everyone laughed at me cos i got a glass of wine :( lol.

Friday was the Reading Fest reunion! Oh how i miss the days of camping in a tent stinking to high heaven and pooing in a bush :) It was a "pub golf"event...and im still unsure of what that actually means to this very day. It involved people dressing up in retard golf gear and drinking alot so must of been fun. I took part in the drinking of course but passed on dressing like a prat. Julia had come down all the way from Central so was really nice to see her and the gang. We took advantage of the 90p mixers at 131...what a bargain. I got like 4 drinks for just over £3. score. We moved on to a couple of places but ended up in Edge...what a dump. I hate romford. lol. Me, Dean & Julia left in the end and got a cab home with Chris. As Julia had come all that way I offered my humble abode for her to stay in for the night, as it would of been impossible for her to get home. We all snuggled up in the double bed and watched Pirates of the Carribean...well most of it, until Julia fell asleep...Dean was just boring and didnt watch it at all.

Dean had to leave early in the morning to deliver some papers or something, some crap/funny job that he got through his Nan. haha. Pappa brang me and julia breakfast in bed so we finished watching the film and chatted about our hatred for Keira Knightley haha. good times. Sadly it was getting later on in the day and we both had things to do, so I dropped her off at the station, was great to see her.

I finished my Christmas shopping that weekend so im all set for Christmas...all wrapped up and ready to go. I can't wait. What a kid...I went round Natasha's tonight and delivered her and her families presents...I felt like Santa knocking on the door with my big bags full. I had a great night. We went to a petrol station to get sweets for my dad and the guy that served us was called Peeve (indian of course)...I said to Natasha that i would from hence forth like to be known as "Peeve" ahahhaha. fun times. Had some great melon and came home :)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I Need...

to do these posts more often, im doing all this good stuff but by time I come to write a blog i've forgotten everything :( damn my old age memory! All I know is that i've had a great couple of days the past week. I saw Dean as he was back from Uni for the weekend which was nice. I went up to London the other day and met Natasha while she was at work. Was so funny seeing her in her little suit wrapping things up and concentrating. I had my "cuticles" done which was pretty random and she bunked off work early (cheeeeky!) and we went for dinner then sat in Starbucks for agesss while we drank steamed milk. mmmm. Was nice until we got pestered by some woman asking for money for charity...Natasha set her straight "sorry im trying to drink tea?" and she walked off. haha. Since when was TEA steamed milk! That was a really nice night actually.

Yesterday we both went to the gym as we got some freee passes (sorry if i can't afford £85 a month membership jeeeez) and it was really funny. Obviously it was a battle of the sexes..and I must admit Natasha wooped me on the running machine and the weird running one thats "softer on the knees apparently" BUT i owned her on the rowing machine due to my amazing upper body strength... 8-) We finished off our session in the steam room which was nice and relaxing until some fat man came and sat in the middle of us...then we had to talk across him which I bet made him feel like an idiot/really awkward. Gutted. Then we went to Harvester and stuffed our faces with a PLATTER> haha. Well at least the pineapple was healthy...

Its almost Christmas which is kind of exciting I suppose, I don't generally get excited but it should be fun. Going to Mahiki on Wednesday night and its free entry which makes a nice change! Now I just need to do all my xmas shopping...uh ohhhhhh. peace x

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Landan Ivy!!

Okay so a few weeks back Natasha had told me that she was doing something for me on the 8th as an extra birthday thing. I love suprises so although she wanted to tell me what it was I refused, right up until the 7th :) She had booked a table at the London Ivy! For those of you don't know, its a "watering-hole" for celebrities and the parents had eaten there a few times so I was extremely excited!

During the day Me, Natasha and her Pops drove down to Brent Cross as Natasha wanted to get this coat. After stopping off for a gorgeous bagel we went to Brent Cross, got the coat...Natasha complained to the Apple man about her headphones which was funny as they gave her a new pair! Sometimes its good to make a scene and tell a few lies ;) We ended up spending most of the day in random places that i'd never been too...we went to a cafe and had pastries which was nice :) It wasn't until we came home that trouble started to arise...

The travel was disgusting on the way home, and as Me & Natasha had to make it all the way up to Covent Garden for our 7:30 reservation it was quite annoying. In the end we got back to hers with about an hour left for us to get back to my house, get showered, get dressed and then get a train. Not so bad until we started the drive from Romford to Upminster...TRAFFICCCC. It was horrendous. Natasha stayed coooool as a cucumber while I sat there moaning about how late we were going to be. When we finally got home it was 5:40 so we had 20 minutes to shower and get ready between us. WE DID IT! I don't know how but we did, with even 5 minutes to spare! I was telling Natasha how lucky I was to be with someone that didn't take 3 hours to get ready!

We travelled up to Covent Garden and had 1/2 hour to spare! Luxury. The Ivy itself was amazing, the atmosphere was great and it was nice to be surrounded by smart, well manoured people...apart from the fat sloth that was sitting behind Natasha for 1/2 our meal. I get the fat sloth to look at while Natasha got "Two-Face" a.k.a Harvey Dent sitting behind me! How cool! There was also the bald ginger cock from Eastenders sitting away from us, but hes not as important :) i (L) dark knight. We ended up having a lovely meal, and it didn't work out too expensive as we had decided to hold off the wine! We needed a break...haha.

Waiting for the Thames Clipper :D

The night was young so we took a walk around Covent Garden and found a cool looking cocktail bar...this is where the alcohol-free night went downhill. Natasha had a sexual cocktail while I had a nice glass of white. Lovely Jubbely. After waiting for 5 minutes for some polish cock to get my change we went and jumped on the Thames Clipper :D haha. Apart from the staff on-board it was a lovely experience, event though it was raining...The driver off the boat even missed a stop because he was "on the phone!" Outrageous if you ask me...Got the train. Came home. Dropped Natasha off. Perfect night :) xxx

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Birthday & Other Things

So my birthday turned out to be pretty good. The party wasn't all that, I blame it on the amount of traveling people had to do but it was still a good night full of drinking and smoking. I managed to get my car stuck on my front drive so I was pretty worried about that for part of the evening. Ended up having to call out the AA the following day with my parents having to drive down, Father wasn't too impressed. The house was a total tip when we woke up but everyone pulled together and we managed to get it pretty spotless before the parents arrived! Well done team!

On the Sunday me, the Family & Tasha-darling went for a meal at The Manor in Rainham. Lovely food and great conversation along with lots of drink which was really nice. Overall I enjoyed the weekend thoroughly :) haha.

On Wednesday I went to Camden for a good-ol day out with Beth and Jew. We ended up getting some random bus and im not actually sure where we ended up, but Jew's house is so nice! We smoked a tad of hash before going into town, going for a few drinks and then going to the cinema to see depressing! but very good...It was great to see the girls and they promised they would come to Essex some time so I can show them a good night out in my ends! haha.

Friday was Natasha's last day of college...FINALLY! I picked her up from the station and we went for to Starbuck's for a little drinkie in the pouring rain! We had some weird guy sitting next to us which was awkward yet quite amusing. Had a gorgeousss duck dinner back at Natashas then swung back to my ends for a movie.

Ahhhh so much action....Okay then Saturday came. I got the train up to London to meet Natasha from her work, it was her friends (Aisling) birthday and she'd invited me out with her and all her friends :) After some trouble on the trains we met up and had a lovely walk through Hyde Park, although the slow-paced tourists started to piss us off! We were running late so Aisling had already left with all her friends to go to Yate's for pre-drinks. We got ready at hers then shot out again. Turns out it was £7 just to get into Yate's! Hell nooooo! Me & Natasha ditched the plan and shot over to some Gay Bar due to the "cheap drinks".

We finally met up with everyone and all travelled in our big group to The Whiskey Mist down Park Lane. I'd heard great things about the bar so was very excited, even with the £20 entry fee! Oh jeeeez. Turned out to be a great night and a great venue, all her friends were great and everyone had a good time! Aisling had offered us a bed at her house so that was uber-helpful! Came back to her house and smoked a bit of shisha with her boyfriend just to close the evening! Perfect. :)

-Whiskey Mist-
Me, Natasha, Leon & Aisling