Sunday, 7 December 2008

Birthday & Other Things

So my birthday turned out to be pretty good. The party wasn't all that, I blame it on the amount of traveling people had to do but it was still a good night full of drinking and smoking. I managed to get my car stuck on my front drive so I was pretty worried about that for part of the evening. Ended up having to call out the AA the following day with my parents having to drive down, Father wasn't too impressed. The house was a total tip when we woke up but everyone pulled together and we managed to get it pretty spotless before the parents arrived! Well done team!

On the Sunday me, the Family & Tasha-darling went for a meal at The Manor in Rainham. Lovely food and great conversation along with lots of drink which was really nice. Overall I enjoyed the weekend thoroughly :) haha.

On Wednesday I went to Camden for a good-ol day out with Beth and Jew. We ended up getting some random bus and im not actually sure where we ended up, but Jew's house is so nice! We smoked a tad of hash before going into town, going for a few drinks and then going to the cinema to see depressing! but very good...It was great to see the girls and they promised they would come to Essex some time so I can show them a good night out in my ends! haha.

Friday was Natasha's last day of college...FINALLY! I picked her up from the station and we went for to Starbuck's for a little drinkie in the pouring rain! We had some weird guy sitting next to us which was awkward yet quite amusing. Had a gorgeousss duck dinner back at Natashas then swung back to my ends for a movie.

Ahhhh so much action....Okay then Saturday came. I got the train up to London to meet Natasha from her work, it was her friends (Aisling) birthday and she'd invited me out with her and all her friends :) After some trouble on the trains we met up and had a lovely walk through Hyde Park, although the slow-paced tourists started to piss us off! We were running late so Aisling had already left with all her friends to go to Yate's for pre-drinks. We got ready at hers then shot out again. Turns out it was £7 just to get into Yate's! Hell nooooo! Me & Natasha ditched the plan and shot over to some Gay Bar due to the "cheap drinks".

We finally met up with everyone and all travelled in our big group to The Whiskey Mist down Park Lane. I'd heard great things about the bar so was very excited, even with the £20 entry fee! Oh jeeeez. Turned out to be a great night and a great venue, all her friends were great and everyone had a good time! Aisling had offered us a bed at her house so that was uber-helpful! Came back to her house and smoked a bit of shisha with her boyfriend just to close the evening! Perfect. :)

-Whiskey Mist-
Me, Natasha, Leon & Aisling

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Wes said...

You took a walk through Hyde Park ?
As in the one in Leeds ?
Also, this Aisling, was her last name stringer ?

If all the above are true, I am devistated you did not come and visit me :(