Thursday, 27 November 2008

Birthday Weekend....

It is upon me! I must say im very excited, not at all about being 19...but the events that are coming with it. Tomorrow night is the "big" house party in G town which i'm hoping will be a success. It all depends on how many of my friends actually bother to make the travel, i've said i'd go to loads of parties but when the day comes, sometimes you just cant be bothered! Iv got a monster playlist that im sure people will love...all 17 hours of it! haha. The neighbours are going to love us!

Were going to kit the house out with balloons, party poppers and post it notes, so everyone can write down how much they love me obviously. I going to bet that the house will end up EXTREMELY messy but to be honest, thats how I want it to be. Theres guna be weed and shit loads of drink so bring it on! I have no idea how many people are coming which is worrying haha, its either going to be not alot or wayyyyyy to many. But lets face it, 10 people in my house looks too many! haha.

I'm going for a family meal on the Sunday to a restaurant called "The Manor" which should be nice. Natasha is joining us also to celebrate me entering the final year of teenagerism :( boooo. I am interested to see what Dean has got me for my birthday, as i've been told I have a wopping 10 presents! maybe even more....shame he couldn't afford the wrapping paper and therefore had to use tin foil...haha. £15 well spent it seems my lad.

I'll obviously post on either Saturday or Monday depending on whether I have the time in between cleaning sick and empty bottles of intoxicating liquids. :) BRING IT ON. hell yeah'.

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