Sunday, 5 October 2008

wHy sO SeRIoUS!?


This weeks LPW went really well...Phil Collins Easy Lover. The Drum Tutor said to me how he could finally see me coming out of my shell, im a shy guy, I always have been, but to hear him say that really gave me a confidence boost. Its horrible playing in front of so many musicians, but my band played really well and we had some good comments which was great.

Straight after ACM I made my way to the train station and jumped on a train back to good ol' Upminster. These train journeys are becoming a chore already, especially on the way back, as there aren't any fast trains back to Guildford. It was really nice to see the family, mum had missed me alot and it was weird seeing my room all clean and unused. Max was very excited to see me which was nice :) I was really excited about having a nice home cooked dinner for a change, but that didn't really work out seeing as the meal was pretty gross :S

I went out and picked up Natasha, it felt so weird driving! Was pretty dodgy as I drove through a red light on Hornchurch high street as well, that could of ended very badly. I must of been day dreaming or something. It was great to see Natasha and her family, her mum seems set on the idea that I can play the piano "beautifully" which is annoying seeing as I know the odd couple of when she asks me to play I just make up some excuse...I think im guna have to get the keyboard out and learn some tunes haha.

Natasha was INSISTANT that we go allllll the way to Bluewater to go to the cinema, as Romford/Lakeside don't meet her standards. After getting through loads of traffic we got there pretty much trouble free. Did some shopping and just chilled out before we went to see "the Boy in Striped Pyjamas". VERY GOOD. Its another Nazi/Jew/Concentraction camp film but really hits home especially at the end! I recommend it to you guys. Was a bit annoying that there was a group of middle aged sluts sitting behind us laughing every 5 minutes. I have concluded that Natasha eats alot of popcorn, so in future a large bag will have to be purchased.

So we got lost on the way home...that wasn't very fun at all. What was supposed to be a simple drive from Bluewater to Romford ended up in a very stressful wrong turn going towards Dover! I hate driving, I really do. We got back to Natasha's around 12 ish and after cooking some AMAZING pasta we snuggled and watched Sex & the City...SHIIIIIIT. Natasha fell asleep so that shows how interested she was in the film! Another upsetting goodbye around the 3am mark.


Feeling like crap from the late night before I got ready and again made my way to the train station. Todays destination, Canterbury. After a very stressful journey of replacement bus services and 3 hour journeys I finally got there, Im becoming a train expert it seems! Dean came and picked me up from the station, i'll try and ignore the fact that I was waiting at the station for over an hour though :) haha. Went back to his campus and met all his room mates, all of whome are very nice people I must say. Dean noticed that my muscles had grown which really made me happy...all mine and Richard's hard work was starting to pay off. Dean is blates scared of my muscles now.

HEROES AND VILLAINS party yayyyy. I'd been waiting all week for this and now the time had finally come. We made a wicked Stir Fry...I say we but it was mainly me I must admit. After some drinking I wacked on the makeup. I had become the Joker. I would like to add at this point that lipstick feels so weird and tastes gross, but I was very happy with the results...and it turns out I was the best looking Joker of the night, without a doubt! Dean looked so funny in his pink tights and yellow vest Superman/Freak combo. It looked like he didn't have a cock which Dean blames on the tights being "too saggy" yeahhhh okay mate.

Me & Dean got hammered on vodka/lemonade/cider/mickey finns and then made our way to the club. My memory from this point is rather hazey due to alcohol levels...But from what I can remember we spent 1/2 the night waiting for some bloody onion rings from the restaurant. Met some people from back home which was nice. Loads of people hadn't bothered to dress up which pissed me off, but the people who had looked great. Night was going really well until some prick pulled the fire alarm and the whole building had to be evacuated. There was so many people and it was all going so slow that we just went home! Very annoyed I was. Its gay cos we hardly got to dance at all...I can't even remember a single song of the night, how bad?! My looking at all the pictures I have concluded that I NEED to stop doing stupid gun poses in EVERY picture as seen below:

"Romford Raver" & The Joker

By this point my Joker makeup had suffered, so some of Dean's flatmates got my makeup off for me, which I am now very appreciative for :) Dean had "prepared" some Super Noodles which he then immediately dropped on the floor, smashing a plate...but did we care? Taking our forks we dived right in, well...up until I got a bit of plate in my mouth and started chewing on it, that was not very pleasant at all. SOMEONE DRANK MY BOTTLE OF VODKA...this annoyed me alot actually.

Dean took me to the station in the morning and I began my 3 hour journey home again. I was upset due to leaving my straightners back at Upminster but im sure I can live without for a week. Sucked saying bye to Dean but ill be seeing him next weekend so its alllllll good. Some black guy started harassing me at Waterloo station, he didn't know how to buy a ticket out of the machine so made me buy it for him! I should of got him the wrong ticket haha. My journey was made better with the presence of my, phone calls and facebook...what more could you ask for?

So now im home, after Richard lovingly met up with me at the station and walked me home. Uploading all the great pictures to Facebook. Iv finally put a clothes wash on, which was WELL overdue. I love being at Uni, you can wear a top and just put it back in the cupboard...I think iv got about 4 wears out of some. Think were just guna chill out and watch a movie tonight, with some spaghetti bolognaise..if the mince ever defrosts.

I couldn't find a knife. Why So Serious?

Peace x

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