Sunday, 19 October 2008

Whiskey / STRESS / & A Very Expensive Steak.

So Richard had fucked off back to Upminster, leaving Me and Matt at the house. I got in from ACM and just decided to do a bit of practice on the old drum pads. Ended up spending around 3 hours on them until Matt finally got home...He then accused me of running onto them as soon as I heard him coming, and didn't do any practice at all. POFF.

So Me & Matt chilled out for a bit, had dinner, a VERY TYPICAL chicken kiev dish and then continued to blaze music as we took turns practicing...I think we finished around the 1am mark, I bet the neighbours LOVE US. mwahahaha. All in all it was a very enjoyable night actually, was good to just chill out, drink some beer and have a good practice.

Saturday was rather lazy, in the morning anyway...Matts parents came down to visit as they were in the area but Matt was swayed and went home with them! Arghhh in the house by myself, which I guess was nice, but very quiet. I said to him it was cool for him to go back cos I was going out that night anyway.

And thats what I did. Left hear around 4:30 and strolled down to the station, which im getting pretty used to doing now...sigh, its so long. Went to Green Park to meet Natasha from work, what a lovely place! I recognised it when I got there, near Buckingham Palace/Oxford Street/The Ritz. We'd booked a table in a lovely French restaurant on Mayfair, although Natasha didn't know where it was! LUCKILY my iPhone found us the way :) I made her apologise. and she says she KNOWS London...HA!

Our table was booked for like 6:45 BARE EARLY...walking past the restaurant there was NO1 in there, how embarassing. We had some time to spare so we had a look around the bars/restaurants, such a nice area. Walked back to the restaurant, still empty but oh well, we went in :) I was swayed by the "steak special" so I ordered that with french onion soup to start (bufffffff). Natasha went for garlic prawns and salmon, also buff. Natasha made me peel her prawns for her (bless) and scoffed them before I could try one! how rude! haha. Im glad I burnt my fingers for nothing. haha.

The steak was SO BUFF. It annoyed me though that we paid alot of money for the food and it literally came with nothing...well mine did cos it was a special but Natasha literally got just a piece of salmon! Luckily we had ordered some spinach on the side ;) Seriously best steak I have ever had. Got the bill....almost had a heart-attack. Not only had I blown my entire weeks food budget on one meal...but the steak alone...was £25! Can you believe that. There so damn lucky it was the nicest ever.

On we went to Cacoon, a retro chinese bar/restaurant. Extremely cool with tonnes of city rich men. Felt a BIT silly walking in with a polo teeshirt and ripped jeans! Was wayyyyy to busy so Natasha led the way to The Polo Bar. Again, a very swanky place which was much more relaxed so that was nice. Shame the piano player wasn't playing, that would of made it to be honest. I felt like a prat if I ordered a beer, so I went for a Whiskey! £8 of VERY VERY strong stuff. It was so nice though to just chill out in somewhere with a bit of class...although the large man sat by himself on the table next to us was VERY off-putting. Perverted in fact. He just sat there with this massive meal (which he didn't even touch!?!?) while listening to his iPod! What a freak...


We left the bar as it was getting late, I had to get back to Guildford and Natasha had to get back to Romford. So we said goodbye at a station that I cant remember the name off and both waited for our seperate trains. OH MY GOD, my house keys were in her bag! Now remember...Matt AND Rich had gone home, so I had NO WAY of getting into the house. Being Underground I couldn't call her so I ran upstairs and tried to call her...45 MISSED CALLS later I decided that I had to make a decision. Guildford or Upminster...It was either freeze my ass off and sleep outside until MONDAY MORNING or come home. So i opted for Upminster. Also adding to the problem, alot of the lines had engineering works, typical really so it was made it ultra hard to get home. After running for several trains I finally made it home. VERY STRESSFUL. The funny thing was...Me and Natasha had even JOKED about it in the restaurant..

"Oh my God, can you imagine if I left my keys in your bag...I'd have to sleep outside or something!"

And look what happened. Typical me.

So after meeting Natasha in the morning to retrieve my keys, we both had a good ol chuckle about the whole thing and we both travelled up into London as she was going to work. Several trains later, i'm finally home :) YAYYYY. What a mission. Back in this house, all alone. So I think i'll just relax and watch a movie tonight. FUN TIMES. x

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