Thursday, 30 October 2008

La Wknd / Orange Sick / Visitors :)

Been a very eventful week, or however long it's been since I lost wrote. Been rather busy with ACM and stuff but thats pretty much the same every week so i'll focus on the events of the weekend and beyond up until present day :)

On Saturday night Natasha came over for dinner, felt like we were in a hotel by the way my dad was bringing over our food and topping up Natasha's wine glass. Had a dashing meal and then shot over to Aaron's house where he was having a little Halloween get together thing. Was so nice to see everyone, although as I drove I couldn't catch up with the others on the alcohol front. Matthew Oliver in particular was extremely happy to see me which I believe to be about 80% down to the alcohol, but yeah everyone was there and was great :)

I decided to travel home on Sunday rather than semi-rush on Monday morning, although I don't start ACM until 1:30, part timer :) Dean had planned to come and stay for a couple of days on Monday as he was off on reading week but as he wasn't doing anything either we both jetted it down to the G.

Monday night was very eventful. Dean stayed at the house like a loser while I went to ACM. That night we cooked a BEAST, and i mean a BEAST of a Stir Fry, was so pengggg. Although someone forgot to thank me for cooking it...Hmmm. Continued the night with drinking and general banter. At one point, Me Dean & Rich just sat in my room and had such a good chat, it was so nice. Pot of Destiny guys ;)

I woke up fine as always while Dean-Tizer woke up and immediately stumbled showing his lack of being able to handle a night of drinking, gutted at him. I might be a severe lightweight (although I am getting better...although this will come up again later on in this post!) but at least I never get hang overs :) Dean then came into my ACM Business lecture with me, was so funny. We made up a story just incase anyone asked him, some cheesy name and that he played guitar, was so funny.

So after Danger-Dean went home I thought I would have a nice relaxing night to myself, as Natasha was coming down to stay on Wednesday night :) But alas that plan quickly went out the window after a rehearsal from 6-8pm turned into a drinking marathon at Spoonies. What I thought was going to be one drink with the band turned into a horrible horrible night. To cut the story short we stayed until closing, with is a long time considering we got there at 8 :| So there I was stumbling home in the early hours, WEARING A TEESHIRT....I felt like I had teleported to the Arctic Circle, there was snow building up on the cars I tell you!

Now going back to how im getting alot better at handling my drink? Well, everything was fine until I got home and decided I was a bit pecky so I had one of those Chicago microwave pizza things, which are bufffffffffff. Next thing I knew I was scrambling in my room, pitch black throwing up into my hands while I attempted to run to the light and then run BACK to my window. Doesn't help that the window was locked so the hole thing got VERY MESSY, and im talking sick everywhere. Up the walls, on the carpet, on my duvet, a little splatter on my Mac! It was revolting....AND ORANGE. So all in all this process repeated around 3/4 times, by the end of it i'd resulted to just leaving the light on in preperation for the next splurge of vommit.

That night really depressed me, as I had to miss ACM the next day in order to recooperate and clear up the orange pools of sick which occupied several places in my room. Annoying that I got so ill over drinks that I didnt REALLY want/plan to have. So from now on mid-week drinks shall be dummed down I rekon. Ace.

I wrapped up warm and paced it into G town, although apparently I wasn't fast enough as Natasha was texting me to "RUN" as she had been waiting for a whole minute! oh jeeeees. Was so great to see her. We had a lovely walk around Guildford looking at all the nice shops, most of which I didn't even know existed, as I haven't actually spent the day looking around yet! We went into a Pret and had hot chocolate/tea while I tested the bean on her driving theory, awww. Finished of walking around then strolled back home, put our bags down and went straight back out to Tesco! Its very tiring stuff.

My cooking skills have improved amazingly since moving out, and I love it when Natasha comes cos we always pick something buff to make...I say we...she decides and I cook like a mug while she takes a shower :( hahaa. We had chicken lightly dabbled with soy sauce, served with pasta in a tomatoe/olive sauce. Was so niceeeeee.

I managed to get some weed off Stacey, but being retarded I had to pay extra to get it rolled for me. haha. Me Natasha and Rich sat up in his room, sparked up and drank booze. I got the right giggles, was hilarious. Richard popped off downstairs only to come back with 3 plates of toffee cheesecake, OH GOODY :) was so nice. 3 "spliffs" later and i'd gone from a giggling kid to a dozed out wanker. Just sitting there hanging my head feeling like I was floating.

The next thing I remember was waking up in bed with Natasha, neither of us knew how on earth we got there! haha. Everyone had gone to bed and all the lights were off, how confusing! It was 2am mind you....So yeah had an awsome night full of laughter, pictures, drink and weed :) Had a nice lay in till around 11'ish and took Natasha down to the station as she had a meeting for work, came home...showered and went to ACM. Now im wrapped up in a hoodie and dressing gown as we can't afford to turn the heating on!

Peace and love x

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