Thursday, 16 October 2008

Major Drummage Anyone?

Been having a good week so far. Last night is the main focus though. So at ACM im being taught by some of the top professionals in the business. The Drum tutors had decided to put on a special one-off event at the Boilerooom (a music venue/pub) where they would play with other tutors. At only £2 to get in, it had to be done.

Me & Rich bowled it done there, Matt stayed at home due to being "tired" which is a real shame seeing as it was such a good see the guys that teach us every day finally perform in a proper live situation. All I can say, is that it was amazing. Absolutely surreal, and I was I had taken my camera.

Being hardcore Jazz Fusion fans Me & Rich immediately picked up some of the tunes they were blazing out, and to think they hadn't even rehearsed, amazing. So there we both were, all surrounded by other drummers in this tiny pub listening to some top class musicians. Drums/Keys/Guitar & Bass. The tutors seemed to side with the jazz fusion kind of things, with some elements of funk popping through, really made me appreciate the genre and the complexity of some of the things they were playing. Chicken, Chameleon & Caravan were all in the set-list, so today i've been downloading several Jazz fusion albums :)

We got quite drunk considering we were there to watch, so after bum licking the tutors for a bit we walked back and got ourselves a nice kebab :) mmmmmmm. Rich had made me download Pulp Fiction, I know its crazy that ive never seen it in full before. So we wacked that on and I must say I extremely enjoyed it.


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