Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Weekend @ Home

Had a lovely weekend back in jolly ol' Essex. The whole purpose was to get a haircut, which sounds pathetic seeing as I could just as easily get it cut by Richard, although I don't entirely trust him with my lucious locks. After reading this sentence out loud I have been instructed to from hence forth refer to Richard as...Dick. Richard likes Dick.

It was great to see the family, although Pappa was away in Portugal on a business trip so didn't get to see him all weekend. It felt strange being home again, all I wanted to do was play music but alas, my instruments of creation were back at Guildfordshire....But then I remembered, I had a midi keyboard in my cupboard. Hooked it up to the old PC (which feels horrible after using a mac for so long) and then played piano for several hours which was nice :)

Natasha had decided to pop out up London on the night that I came home, how mean! It wasn't until roughly 1am that I got the green light to drive round to her house, crazy! Apparently I had a "book" that I needed to give her, that was our excuse for me popping over so late :) Had a lovely night and ended up getting home around the 7am mark...I felt sorry for her seeing as she had work all day!

Saturday I saw Dean. It was nice being able to drive my car again, Dad had put 1/2 a tank of petrol in for me so I thought I might as well use it...so that night me and Natasha drove over to her friends in East Ham. erghhhhhhh. Her mum was warning me about how dangerous the drivers are around that area, which I found out to be true, maniac immigrants. We played spot the white man on the drive there :)
Retard Couple. Blates.

Had an extremely funny night at Charlottes...I finally lost my shisha virginity, it was so tasty, apple flavoured tobacco :) Sitting out in the garden, a lovely night sky with candles, shisha, drinks and cigars....Heaven! We ordered chinese and chilled. It was grand.

How cool do i wana look? fuck me.

Sunday was FIZZLE DAY. Hadn't seen that Chink in agessss and was so good to see her. Picked her up from the station, she was all dressed in her work uniform, blesssss. She had the great priveledge of watching me get my hair cut, which according to Matthew and "DICK" looks no different :( Mum was pressuring Jazmin as to when she is going to come stay at the house, but as she works full time its hard she says...sad times.

I'd originally planned to leave Sunday afternoon back for Guildfordshire, but I was swayed by the oppertunity to help Natasha babysit her bro and sis. There family are too funny its true. we sat around the dinner table while Natasha made me my first ever bagel! Iv trained her well it seems, and since I have bought a pack of bagels. It was nice just to chill out with her and her brother, talking about how chavvy I used to be wearing my Nike tracksuits and gold sovering. Oh yeahhhh baby. We watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's"...Iv never seen the obsession that girls have over that women...and I still don't. Shite film. hahaha.

After a very painful train journey home this morning I made it to rehearsals for 10:30. I felt like shite to say the least. I was exhausted from the weekend but made an effort to make it to band rehearsal...DID THE SINGER?!?! NO. What a bitch. Annoyed me alot. x

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