Tuesday, 7 October 2008



Red = Taken
Amber/Yellow = Its Complicated
Green = "Single Pringle" according to Richard.

Poor Poor Richard...He'd been stuck indoors ALLLL weekend whilst I was gallivanting around Canterbury dressed as a dominatrix joker queen. I took pity on this fact and so I agreed to go out with him to the Surrey campus again. Whilst I didn't have alot of money I decided to put that behind me and be the best friend that I should be and show him a good night out.

Originally we planned to just pop over to Chancellor's or as I like to call it "Chandlers" and have a few drinks, make some friends then pop back. But alas! On the morning of Monday I found out that a special event was on..TRAFFIC LIGHT DISCO! (Cue childish cheers) What was even better was the fact that all proceeds went straight to charity....So in reality by going out not only was I helping one of my best friends, but I was ALSO helping charity, god im caring.

So there we were, me dressed in yellow (due to the fact I don't have a single piece of red clothing) and Richard dressed in green (bless) cruising it down to the Uni campus. IT WAS DEAD. So pissed off I was. NO1 was in the bar practically so we just sat around like a queer couple of the steps while Richard talked about how much he needed a dump, followed by a lonely drink in the bar while the same RHCP's song looped around 10x over. Eventually things picked up and yet again we found ourselves socialising and taking advantage of the cheap drinks. One man was shocked that neither of us knew what a snakebite was...then we heard him whispering to all his friends as if we were "stupid freshers"...what a prick.

Eventually we jammed it over to Rubix and partied on down really. Started to realise that there was a huge sense of awkwardness around all the people wearing green...you could imagine all the cheesy pick up lines and awkward conversations....

"Soooo....your wearing green? Single?"
"Cool, im wearing green too"

And so on. But yeah all in all was a really good night. Richard forgot his camera which pissed me off alot actually seeing as it was my main mission to break 1000 tags on facebook! I think I have around 20 tags to go now :) I WILL catch up with Dean. One thing I did learn about last night was that, if you wear sunglasses in a club, expect fucking annoying bitches to keep taking them. Seriously, do they think there COOL by taking my glasses? NO. I don't care if they were amazingly fit, one of whome was...after the 10th time of taking them it gets boring love yeah? I know its hard to believe love but I don't REALLY wana be spending my night chasing after you. GOD. Luckily they were all interveaned and my sunglasses survived for next time :)

Peace x

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